amazing must see places in florida

Florida is one of the most interesting states to visit in America. It is a family-friendly place that offers a lot of beautiful scenes and wondrous attractions. It is known for having a warm beach weather, breathtaking beaches and soft sand. One thing to keep in mind though when visiting Florida is to pack your sunscreen, sunglasses and walking shoes. You will find a lot of things to do that you will not mind staying outdoors most of the time amidst the hot weather.
Florida is famous for the Disney World. This is probably the main attraction of this state making it an ideal vacation spot for kids and adults alike. It is indeed a must-place to see especially if you are fond of Disney characters, amazing carnival rides and theme and amusement parks. Other theme parks to visit are Universal Orlando, Sea World Orlando and the Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.
Florida is likewise known for its beautiful, sandy beaches. It offers a sunny weather that perfectly complements beach activities like surfing and snorkeling. Amelia Island is a beautiful place to see with many miles of beaches and interesting state parks that offer trails for hiking, nature watching and biking. It is recommended especially to those who love nature trips and outdoor activities. Amelia Island is a popular spot for beach weddings, spa weekend getaways and golfing activities.
For those who want to have a taste of Europe, St. Augustine is a place to see in Florida. It is known as the oldest European established city in the U.S. It is famous for its natural charm and romantic ambiance in almost every corner. It is a common weekend getaway place as well because of the many leisure activities it offers to families, groups of friends and couples.
If you happen to be spending a lot of time in Orlando, you would not want to miss a taste of its amazing nightlife. Universal City Walk is one of the best spots to see that offers the best in live music, dancing, casual and fine dining, a lot of shopping and movies. It is the home to a wide selection of themed night clubs. So if you feel like drinking and dancing the night away, you should never miss the chance to visit the Universal City Walk.
Florida is indeed a place to see if you adore being outdoors - whether for nature tripping or club hopping. With so many attractions and beautiful places to explore, not to mention a perfect weather to enjoy the beach, Florida is a perfect vacation spot that will leave you with many fond memories.